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Who are Maxim?

Maxim Inter-Corporation Ltd., has been established in Bangkok, Thailand in 1977, as a sole distributor on soft contact lens and lens care solution and achieved to become one of the reputable corporation that focus on ophthalmic products in Thailand in a short period of time.

In 1986, we had become a sole distributor of pharmaceutical products, ophthalmic (eye drops) from Allergan including very well-known “Botox”.

For the year 1989, cataract surgery has gained wide spread of trust in order to solve opaque crystalline lens. We then started to market Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) and relevant ophthalmic surgical products.

In 2007, we had an investment joint venture with Vision Science, Korea to manufacture color lens under Maxim Colors Contact Lens in Thailand and exported under both our brand and OEM brands in various countries with a variety of specification of spherical, toric, iris prosthetic lens, etc.  In addition, we have also distributed “  Multi – Focal Contact  Lens “ from USA.  Apart from importing eye care products, Maxim also offers OEM contract of contact lenses, contact lens solution and eye drops, according to the specifications of ophthalmologists, optometrist, patients or customers who prefer to have their own brands.

In 2015 till today, Maxim begins to tighten its foot print in ophthalmic market by distributing wide range of ophthalmic medical/surgical devices such as Contact lens, Intraocular lens, Viscoelastic, Suture needle, Blades, Retinal products, Oculoplastic products as well as pharmaceutical products such as artificial tears, anti-histamine eye drops, glaucoma eye drop, anti-biotic eye drop, etc. and finally lid-cleaning gel for blepharitis, MGD purpose.

MAXIM Milestones

  • 2023

    ► Launched Cozo mac SD (Preservative-free combined glaucoma eye drops)

  • 2022

    ► Launched Bimo mac (Brimonidine 0.2%) under national reimbursement list
    ► Launched color lens under Orange box, beauty models
    ► Launched lubricating eye drops under Comfort Drops in nationwide convenient stores

  • 2020

    ► Launched Maxim contact lens new colors  “ O “ series : O Brown, O gray
    ► Launched Maxim Lite Toric, innovative Silicone Hydrogel material from Cooper Vision, USA
    ► Launched Mydriamac ( Tropicamide 0.8% + Phenylephrine 5.0% )
    ► Launched Cornisol (Corneal Storage Medium) for Red Cross

  • 2019

    ► Launched Maxim Air Clear contact lens new product from Cooper Vision, USA
    ► Launched Maxim contact lens with new color (3-tone) : Trio Brown, Trio Gray
    ► Launched RGP lens and Keratoconus lens from Seed, Japan
    ► Launched “ Olo a day “ eye drop ( olopatadine 0.2%) anti-histamine + mast cell stabilize

  • 2017

    ► Launched Biomedics 1 day Plus (Extra) to capture more affordable 1-day contact lens market in Thailand
    ► Launched Sof eye 1-day – natural-toned color lens
    ► Launched Moxi mac (Moxifloxacin) eye drop

  • 2016

    ► Launched Sof eye contact lens and Natural-toned color lens (Violet box)
    ► Launched Sof Tear both 5ml, 10 ml, an artificial tear under reimbursement list
    ► Launched Timomac eye drop ( Timolol 0.5% )  an glaucoma eye drop under reimbursement list
    ► Launched ‘Lid Clean Pad’ in a convenient usage form

  • 2015

    ► Launched ‘Lid Clean Mac’ : lid-cleaning gel for treatment of Blepharitis, MGD, Pre-post operation, Demodex, dry eye.  Made in Korea
    ► Launched ‘Olopa mac’ eye drop (olopatadine 0.1%) anti-histamine + mast cell stabilizer

  • 2014

    ► Launched Maxim Soft 1 day Toric (silicone hydrogel contact lens) from Cooper Vision, USA
    ► Launched Maxim Soft 1 day Multifocal (silicone hydrogel contact lens) from Cooper Vision, USA
    ► Started distributing for Aurolab – PMMA IOL, foldable IOL, viscoelastic, suture needle, blade, cataract product, retinal product, oculoplastic product and glaucoma product

  • 2013  

    ► Launched CMC artificial tear under  ‘Tear Mac’ thru ethical and OTC channels
    ► Launched Pe-ha-Luron F (1.0%, 1.4%, 1.6%, 1.8% and 3.0%) viscoelastic from Albomed, Germany

  • 2011

    ► Launched Maxim Soft Lens from Cooper Vision, USA

  • 2010

    ► Launched  The First Daily Bigeyes Color contact lens in Thailand as Maxim Colors 1day

Your Eyes We Care


To improve patients' lives by providing opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists with innovative eye care products and eye care solutions delivered by integrity, passion and performance-driven benefit.

Vision :

Maxim will strive to achieve and sustain its leading place as the committed and responsible company focusing on ophthalmic products. The company's continuing success benefits patients, opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, business partners, and the communities.

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