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Auro Octane


Manufacturer : Aurolab

Model : Auro Octane (Perfluoro-n-octane)

Product Description :
Auro octane (Perfluoro-n-octane CF3-(CF2)6-CF3) is a hydrocarbon liquid in which all the hydrogen atoms are substituted by fluorine atoms. The chemical inertness and non-toxicity of perfluoro octane is based on the stability of the C-F bonds.

Product features :
▪️ High vapour pressure
▪️ Low surface tension and viscosity
▪️ High specific gravity
▪️ Chemically inert and free of preservative
▪️ Well proven, very safe and non toxic
▪️ A CE certified quality product
▪️ Used in leading Institutes in India & Abroad

Indications :
▪️ AURO OCTANE is an intra-operative instrument for the treatment of:
▪️ Retinal detachments/ PVR/ PDR
▪️ Giant tears
▪️ Ocular trauma
▪️ Removal of dislocated lenses and foreign bodies from the vitreous

Contraindications :
It cannot be excluded that AURO OCTANE may generate alterations of the retina if present over a long period because of its high gravity. If remnants of AURO OCTANE, in the form of mobile drops stay in front of the retina they may influence the refraction and thus change the visual acuity temporarily.

Supply :
Available in Sterile 5 ml vial with pouch pack

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