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Aurosil Plus (Silicone Oil 5000 cSt)

Manufacturer : Aurolab

Product Description :
Aurosil Plus-(5000 cst) is a (Purified Polydimethyl siloxane) highly purified long chain Polydimethyl siloxane trime thyl siloxy terminated silicone oil designed for prolonged tamponade after surgical treatment for severe retinal detachment.

Product features :
▫️Greater stability
▫️ Reduced emulsification due to a high degree of purification and low level of reactive –OH end groups
▫️ Less tissue impregnation
▫️ Low level of catalyst impurities minimize the risks of interactions with the ocular environment
▫️ Subjected to all physical and chemical analysis (H-NMR spectral test, gel permeation chromatography study and gas chromatography) to ensure purity level

Indications :
▫️ Retinal detachment with giant tear
▫️ Retinal detachment with proliferative vitreo retinopathy (PVR)
▫️ Traumatic retinal detachment

Contraindications :
Aurosil Plus is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to silicone oil. In Pseudophakic patients with silicone intraocular lens (silicone oil can chemically interact and opacify silicone elastomers)

Supply :
Available in 10ml vial in a sterile pouch

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