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Hydrophilic Foldable IOLs_FH5600SQHydrophilic Foldable IOLs_FH5600SQ

Intra Ocular Lens Hydrophilic Foldable IOLs

Hydrophilic Foldable IOLsAuroflex is a hydrophilic aspheric lens made of P-HEMA material which is 25% water content material imported from US.
Manufacturer : Aurolab
Model Number FH5600SQ
Optic Diameter 6 mm
Optic Design Equiconvex
Overall Length 12.00 mm
A Constant 118.0 ( Optical) and 117.8 (Ultrasound)
Dioptre Range 10.0D to 30.0D (15.0D to 25.0D o.5D increment)
Delivery System Packed with AC28-DI100
Incision Required 2.8 mm
Refractive Index 1.46
Haptic Design Dual Haptic
Square Edge Yes, 360° posterior square edge design
ACD 5.0 mm
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